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StrykerTECH is an engineering services firm that designs custom embedded hardware solutions optimized to meet your unique application. We provide turn-key product development services that support our clients through each stage of a new product launch from concept through manufacturing.

The StrykerTECH engineering team brings a highly specialized skill set that allows us to achieve a rapid time to market. StrykerTECH maintains in-house capabilities in several engineering disciplines ranging from electronic design, to mechanical design, and software development. We can design the total product solution!

Product Development Process

New Product Design Process

StrykerTECH is a product design company. This section provides a high level overview of our process for developing new products.

1. Consultation

If you have an application that calls for a custom engineered solution, contact us through our online inquiry form or email Our staff will get in touch with you for a brief discussion of your goals to determine if we can provide the right solution for you. There is no obligation.

2. Requirements

The next step is to define your application's design requirements. This can be presented as a formal requirements specification.

We frequently encounter situations where our customers have a clear high level goal, but are unsure of how to frame the engineering specifications to meet that goal. Our engineers will work with your staff to understand the needs of the intended application. We can leverage our design experience with similar products to help define the detailed product requirements.

3. Proposal

StrykerTECH develops a project proposal document that defines how we intend to meet the requirements. We compare potential solutions and develop the high level design and system architecture.

A risk assessment is performed to identify the likelihood and severity of potential pitfalls. Mitigation strategies are documented to ensure that project risks are accounted for.

4. Contract

StrykerTECH will provide a project contract that itemizes the deliverables, project schedule, costs, and final acceptance criteria. Upon agreement, we are committed to delivering your solution!

5. Design

Our engineering team performs the detailed product design. Depending on the nature of the project, this may include: circuit design, PCB layout, or software development. During the design phase, customers are invited to weekly conference calls to review project status and schedule.

Our design process emphasizes early simulation and analysis to ensure right the first time designs. This may include FEA (finite element analysis), CFD (computational fluid dynamics / thermal simulation), and signal integrity simulations.

6. Final Design Reviews

Upon completion of the detailed product design, StrykerTECH performs a comprehensive set of reviews to ensure a final product that is optimized for manufacturing and minimizes costs.

7. Fabrication

StrykerTECH performs rapid prototyping. Low quantities are typically built in-house. For very high complexity designs, we utilize our close relationships with several US based quick turn fabricators.

8. Verification

The prototypes undergo comprehensive functional testing to verify that the product solution meets the design specifications and overall product needs. This may also include, thermal testing, software integration testing, shock and vibration tests, regulatory testing, or HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing).

9. Deliverables

The final step in the new product design process is to prepare the final deliverables in accordance with project contract. This typically includes product samples, test reports, validation documents, design files, and end user documentation.


Our goal is to become a valuable strategic partner for your business. Once a new product design has been completed, StrykerTECH offers manufacturing support services to ensure that you experience a smooth transition from final validation to production launch.