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Custom PCI Express Risers and Expansion Backplanes

StrykerTECH is an engineering services firm that delivers custom embedded hardware solutions optimized to meet your unique application. We provide turn-key product development services that support our clients through each stage of a new product launch.

Passive PCI / PCI Express Expansion Risers

We frequently receive requests for custom form factor passive PCI and PCI Express risers. These types of boards are typically found in high density enterprise server systems in 1U, 1.5U, and 2U rack mount form factors. Full height add-in cards will not fit in these low profile systems. Passive riser boards are used to position the add-in cards parallel to the motherboard.

Our custom form factor passive PCI Express risers are often used to achieve special add-in card locations and orientations inside custom embedded computer enclosures. Our risers have been used on form factors ranging from enterprise servers to mini-ITX form factor appliances.

In particularly challenging form factors, a flex PCB or mixed rigid and flex PCB technology may be used to achieve a custom fit.

Bus Expansion Backplanes / Host Centric Fan Out

We provide bus expansion backplanes than fan out a bus from a single PCI Express link to a larger number of smaller PCI Express ports. This is used to take a single slot from a motherboard and fan it out to enable a larger number of I/O functions to connect into the system.

Here is a typical PCIe fan out design where the root complex provides a single PCI Express link that needs to be expanded to a larger number of card slots to support several additional add-in cards.

Block Diagram: PCIe Fan Out Riser

Bus Protocol Bridging

Another common application is bridging between bus architectures. We design risers and backplanes that convert between PCI Express and PCI-X or conventional PCI.

This allows system designers to migrate legacy PCI and PCI-X cards into systems with motherboards with newer PCI Express interfaces. This can also be used in the reverse direction to connect newer consumer off the shelf PCI Express add-in cards to a long life cycle embedded system that only supports legacy PCI or PCI-X slots.

Block Diagram: PCIe to PCI Bridge Riser

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If you have an embedded computing application that may benefit from a custom form factor riser or bus expansion backplane, Contact Us to find how we can provide a solution for you.

We differentiate our design services by maintaining several engineering disciplines in-house. This enables rapid product development, crisp coordination, and collaboration on multi-disciplinary product designs.

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