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Product Manufacturing

Our goal is to become a valuable strategic partner for your business. Once a new product design has been completed, StrykerTECH offers manufacturing support services to ensure that you experience a smooth transition from final validation to production launch.

Unique products with varying levels of complexity will have different production support needs. We can leverage our long experience with similar products to help recommend a good production strategy that prevents supply chain delays and production yield issues.

Order Quantities

StrykerTECH supports requests for low volume production orders. Even single piece orders are accepted!

We have close relationships with several US based contract manufacturers to support high volume manufacturing.

Logistical Support

In the current economic climate, the semiconductors industry frequently sees component shortages and supply chain problems as distributors seek to maintain minimum inventory levels. The StrykerTECH manufacturing support team manages logistical activities to ensure an uninterrupted hassle free production experience. The following services are provided:

  • Materials purchasing
  • Scheduling and delivery
  • Component supply chain lead time management
  • Test and validation of alternate component suppliers to overcome obsolescence or availability issues

Production Test

The StrykerTECH manufacturing team develops a production test strategy aimed at maximizing manufacturing yield. Our goal is to select and implement the test plan that eliminates out of box failures and provides the best ROI (return on investment). This can include any subset of the following:

  • Developing an ICT (in-circuit test fixture)
  • Developing a production functional test
  • Monitoring trends in manufacturing yield to proactively drive corrective actions.
  • HASS (highly accelerated stress screening)
  • HALT (highly accelerated life testing)

Failure Analysis

StrykerTECH offers depot repair and failure analysis services on product returned from the field. When new problem symptoms are discovered, a failure analysis is performed to determine the root cause of the issue. These results are used to drive improvements in product design and manufacturing quality.


StrykerTECH has a strict ECN/ECO (Engineering Change Notice) policy that restricts any hardware, firmware, or component changes without official notification through our formal Engineering Change Notification process. All engineering changes are validated to ensure no performance impact to the end user.

PCB Manufacturing