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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will StrykerTECH sign my Non-Disclosure Agreement?
  • Yes, we review and approve customer NDAs regularly.

    StrykerTECH is committed to safeguarding customer product requirements, intellectual property, patent claims, and other confidential information. View the StrykerTECH Confidentiality Policy.

    Email your NDA to We'll review it, get it approved, and returned to you. In the rare event that we take exception to anything in your NDA, we'll highlight the exception in the returned NDA.

  • Does StrykerTECH subcontract any portion of the design or software development?
  • No, in order to guarantee the safe keeping of your confidential information, all of the product design and software development is done in-house. When the design is finished, we may work with external PCB fabricators or assemblers to build the finished product.

  • How long does it take to complete an electronics design?
  • The time to complete a project varies with the complexity of the product design. Development time can range from two weeks for the very simplest of designs up to twelve weeks for very complex electronics designs.

  • What information do I need to request a quote?
  • We will need your basic contact information: name, phone, email, business name (if applicable), and business address.

    We will also need your product technical requirements. Our corporate customers typically provide a requirements specification document. Our small business customers and entrepreneurs typically provide a basic product description or features list.

  • Can I get assistance writing the technical requirements for my product?
  • Yes. Technical requirements are essential for smooth product design and a delivered prototype that meets expectations. Product requirements often need engineering language to ensure that they are specific enough for verifying the finished product.

    During a new product quotation, our engineers will work with you to understand your product intentions, so that we can assist with translating them into specific and quantifiable specifications that we test against.

  • How does StrykerTECH provide pricing for quotes?
  • We typically offer fixed price quotations to cover the one time engineering expense of designing a new product. Our customers tend to prefer the fixed price quotes so they can accurately forecast their project costs.

    We would consider an hourly consulting quote only for projects focused on research that may not have a clearly defined scope.

  • How much does it cost to have a new electronics product developed?
  • Developing a new electronics product can take substantial engineering hours for product design, circuit design, mechanical design, and software development. Customers should expect pricing in the range of four to five figures.

  • What if a project requires more work than estimated at the time of quotation?
  • Customers are not responsible for cost overruns for the product design. The amount you received in your quote is the final cost.

  • What happens if I want to make a change to the product requirements or add a new feature after the design is underway or after it is finished?
  • After a project has started, we will review any design change requests and analyze their impact on the cost and schedule. If the change request does have an impact, we will issue you a quote revision document for your approval. If you approve, we will implement the changes.

  • How much will my product cost to manufacture?
  • Upon request, we can provide an estimated manufacturing price at the time of quote. You will need to provide an expected order quantity for which to estimate the costs. Manufacturing estimates do have some variance as they are made prior to the product design. About half way through the design process, we typically have enough information to send you official manufacturing pricing.

  • Does StrykerTECH perform manufacturing services?
  • Yes. We have in-house capabilities for surface-mount PCB assembly for low order quantities. We support higher volume manufacturing orders by partnering with several domestic and overseas assemblers.

  • What deliverables will I receive on the completion of a project?
  • You will receive one (or more) functional prototype units that will be ready for your testing and evaluation.

    You will also receive a set of the finished product documentation that enables you to take the product to any manufacturer of your choosing. The files include: mechanical drawings, finished Gerber files, schematics (PDF), software/firmware binary files, technical specifications.

  • Can I get the editable engineering files and source files?
  • Yes. Just let us know at the time of quote if you require the editable engineering files such as: schematics, board design files, and software/firmware source code. By default our quotations don't include delivery of these files in order to keep your upfront quote minimized. This is because we will typically draw from our extensive library of pre-designed building blocks to add into your specific project.

  • Is there a warranty? What happens if the product has problems or is buggy?
  • Our design quotes offer a three month standard warranty period on the prototypes to allow you time for testing and evaluation. StrykerTECH assumes responsibility that the finished prototype meets the technical requirements as listed in the quotation. During the warranty period, any of our engineering time required to identify and resolve product functionality issues caused by design errors made on our part is provided at no additional cost. You must ship the product to StrykerTECH and are responsible for transportation and insurance charges for the product.

    After the warranty period, StrkyerTECH will provide a quotation for any additional maintenance, updates, or sustaining engineering services.

  • Does StrykerTECH perform on-site support?
  • Our standard warranty does not include on-site troubleshooting or support. StrkyerTECH will provide a quotation if on-site support, installation, or engineering is desired.

  • What if during the project StrykerTECH determines that it cannot complete the design?
  • We carefully review the requirements for each new product at the time of quotation and account for any risk areas in the design. Because of this, we have never run into a situation where we've accepted a project but later terminated it before completion. If this ever were to happen, you would be notified immediately and refunded in full any payment already made.

  • Does StrykerTECH perform regulatory certifications on finished product designs?
  • Yes, we can perform this testing upon request. We partner with certified test labs to achieve FCC, CE, UL, FDA, and other regulatory marks. Our engineers support the process and provide whatever product design adjustments are required for the prototypes to achieve a passing result.

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