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Get a custom evaluation board to quickly test new chips for your PCBs

We can quickly design and build sample quantities of evaluation boards to allow you to test new chips for your products. Use a demo board to test your hardware concept before committing to a full-scale product design.


Evaluate Brand New Chips

Test chips that are still in pre-production or sampling stages. Begin your qualification even if the manufacturer doesn't have a demo board available.

Test Hardware Concepts Quickly

Get started writing code and testing concurrently with your hardware development. Use a custom demo board to prove the hardware will meet your software needs.

Find Hardware Design Pitfalls Early

Use one of our custom evaluation boards to find the hardware design traps and chip errata before any costly mistakes are made later in your design process while integrating the chips into your own products.

Get Immediate Test Access

Gain easy access to pads on the underside of BGA chips or the tiny pads on QFN chips. Test points and connectors on the evaluation board can be mechanically optimized to be compatible with your existing lab equipment.

Evaluate Replacement Parts

Get a low cost evaluation board to qualify new chips before taking the more expensive step of modifying your existing board designs.

Get a custom evalation board to accellerate your hardware development!

Eval Board Custom SBC LCD eval board