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Transform your BeagleBone prototype into a market-ready product

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We Design Custom Boards Based on the BeagleBone

BeagleBone Black is an open source development platform that uses Texas Instruments ARM Cortex A8 processor. It allows professional developers and hobbyists alike to get started quickly and build powerful prototypes for many applications.

We design custom boards using the same chipset as the BeagleBone Black to make it a perfect fit for your application.

  • Custom Form Factor
    Board designed with the right size, shape, and connector styles to fit the purpose of the final application.
  • Optimized Peripherals
    Get the desired I/O count and communications ports that are not available on the BeagleBone board. Eliminate the hardware that is unused for your application.
  • Effortless Software Porting
    To boot your new board, just plug in the SIM card containing your operating system and software you've developed on your BeagleBone prototype.
  • Eliminate Add-on Capes
    Get the desired hardware placed right on the the main board, without the need for add-on capes stacked on top.
  • Selectable Chipset
    Select from several chipset options such as CPU speed, RAM size, and FLASH size.

Let's bring your BeagleBone prototype to production!

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